We are a manufacturing company from Ukraine, from the textile industry, and we are looking for new customers for our company. Here is some information about our company:
Texford Sewing Company LLC was founded in 2017, and currently the main activity is the production of wool coats and sports blazers.
The company is located in Vinnitsa / Ukraine with a total area of ​​1000 square meters and 60 employees, which can produce a volume of 40,000 units per year. This amount is calculated for a production cycle lasting 10 months.
Our company also provides platform services such as logistics services, CAD (computer-aided design), customs clearance, deadline monitoring, translation of production documents and packaging of finished products. This is a cooperation between the companies Texford and Daktex.

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Together with 6 other subcontractors, which are handled by Daktex, we can offer you a complete production of the following product groups: trousers, skirts, dresses, knitwear (jersey), outdoor innovation jackets and further production in the area of ​​coat / blazer with a total area of ​​11,000 sq. m and 750 employees on 22 production lines throughout Ukraine.
The whole organization is managed, controlled and organized from one place (platform).
The monitoring of the entire production is supervised by our own trained team (technicians and controllers) until delivery.

Ukraine, Vinnitsa

+38 (063) 400-25-35


Ukraine, Korosten

+38 (067) 500-22-71



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